Accessories for all your Salon Furniture and Equipment

Salon furniture, like all other multi-part equipment, will eventually require maintenance and replacement parts to continue functioning at peak efficiency. Locating parts in the hopes that they are both reputably sourced and compatible with your original equipment can be a major challenge. How does one even begin, especially when the original seller may just be a middle party whose interests are more prioritized to marketing than product support? How much time and effort would it save if your purchase was supported by a company that actually makes the product themselves, and who would be able to provide original parts, down the line? How much business would be lost if a crucial chair or station is kept out of order, waiting for replacement parts?

This is precisely the advantage that DIR Salon Furniture affords our customers. Unlike other vendors, we are intimately involved over the entire life cycle on all our products, from concept and design to production and support. Simply put, nobody knows our products better than we do. That puts DIR in a position to provide unparalleled warranty and technical support, and to complement the entire customer experience. Since DIR manufactures all of its own products, we will always retain the flexibility to supply parts and accessories, according to need. As our customer, you will never need to purchase parts from a third party supplier for a product that we make ourselves.
There is a priceless assurance in knowing that the replacement part you need is not only readily available, but also tailored for the original equipment, by its very manufacturer. If a problem does arise, DIR’s customer support is just one email or phone call away. So whether you need a LED light strip of a styling station, accessories for a barber chair, plumbing components of a shampoo chair, or the remote control unit of a beauty bed, take comfort in the peace of mind that only DIR can provide.

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