Backwash units

If you are opening a professional hair salon there are a number of pieces of furniture and equipment that you are going to need in order to facilitate your client’s requests and also to provide them with a really good service.

Backwash units are essential for hair salons. They enable the hair stylist to wash their clients hair without getting their face wet and so that the client is sitting in a comfortable position. Backwashes are equally as important when you are rinsing off the colour that you have applied because you need to make sure that you have got all of the colour off the hair and the hair is washed properly. You can completely see what you are doing when you are washing hair using a backwash.

Most backwashes are height adjustable and some even come with massage chairs so that the client can fully relax whilst they are having their hair washed and scalp massaged. The neck rest should sit comfortably without the client having to strain themselves in order to be in a comfortable position. They will need to be plumbed into the water system so that you have hot and cold water for washing hair.

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