Dir All Purpose Stools

The humble salon or medical stool may not receive any special attention, but the benefits it provides can be invaluable. More than just a chair with wheels, a high quality stool can add mobility, alleviate posture, and improve access and quality of service. And with the right design, a stylish reception stool can make a sharp visual statement in a place of business as well.

For high quality salon stool, medical stool, manicure stool, stylist stool, technician stool, hairstylist chair and reception chair solutions, look no further than DIR Salon Furniture’s expansive collection. Perfect for any salon, clinic, or office environment, DIR’s versatile salon stools offer pneumatic pump-adjustable seats, high-density memory foam cushioning that molds to every contour, fire proof and water resistant vinyl covering, smooth rolling casters, support for up to 300 pounds, and an array of elegant styles and colors to match and complement a variety of interiors.

While DIR’s salon stools have a wide range of height adjustability, there are some jobs for which a lower stool is required. In these situations, a well-constructed, low sitting stool can mean the difference between long-term comfort and chronic backache. That’s why DIR has added a separate line of pedicure stool products designed specifically for pedicures and foot spa work. Featuring the same premium materials and quality construction used in our salon stools, DIR’s pedicure stools are trimmed to a reduced height to allow easy access to low elevations. So whether it’s intended for a specialized service, i.e. pedicure, manicure, technician, hair cutting stool; or a general purpose office, home or reception rolling chair; DIR has the solution for all your salon and pedicure stool seating needs.

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