Display Your Salon Products with DIR Display Shelves

Retail display shelf units are a common sight at most salons. There are many products that a salon may wish to recommend and offer to their customers should they desire to duplicate some measure of their salon experience at home. This could be a line of shampoo, coloring, or other hairstyling products. A retail display shelf can attractively present and highlight featured products as well as provide additional storage for a space-conscious salon.

Retail display can be simple and elegant, like DIR’s wall-mounted Vina, with its frosted glass panels and practical design. Or it can incorporate built-in cabinets and LED lighting, as embodied in the bold, free-standing Gems. If in doubt, try the best of both worlds with the versatile Barron. Using top quality materials, cutting edge designs, and backed by a one-year warranty, a DIR retail display shelf can help unlock the marketing and aesthetic potential of any salon or retail business.

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