Facial and Massage Beds- An Introduction

When you think of beauty furniture, you may think of a salon chair or massage chair. Beauty equipment is much more than this and can range from facial beauty beds to styling units, which offer a luxurious and bespoke experience for salon clients.

Beauty furniture such as facial beauty beds come in a wide range of specifications, offering different designs and features to make the experience of using them relaxing and enjoyable for both the client and the technician

A facial beauty bed or chair has many applications in the cosmetology industry. In addition to facials and spa treatments, it can also be used as a massage bed, tattoo bed or ink bed, medical chair, or dental chair. Due to the delicate and time-consuming nature of these applications, comfort and stability for both customer and care provider are absolutely critical to a proper beauty bed or chair.

DIR Salon Furniture offers a wide selection of beauty beds, spa beds, massage tables, facial tables, and tattoo chairs that are versatile, easy-to-use, stylish, and built to relax away stress and tension. Featuring fully electric, remotely adjustable back, height, reclining, and massage capability; nestled in thick, high-density memory foam and soft, water-resistant faux leather; and supported by an all-metal, internally stabilized frame, DIR’s beauty beds are state-of-the-art in comfort and stability.

Be sure to check out our ever-expanding catalog of facial beauty beds, beauty chairs, and other quality salon equipment. As always, DIR designs and manufactures every item in our catalog from start to finish. This A-to-Z involvement gives DIR the unparalleled ability to ensure quality and provide total support for our products. A beauty bed is a major investment; don’t make the mistake of buying one from a third party marketer with little or no knowledge of the product. Consider DIR, where we assure quality ownership for our quality products.

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