Hair Steamers and Color Processors

There are many benefits to hair steaming and processor treatment, including improvements to scalp circulation, exfoliation, dandruff mitigation, color enhancement, and hair and root health. It’s no wonder, then, that hair processor treatment is gaining popularity at modern hair salons. Though this type of treatment would normally require a long list of functions and capabilities, it can be achieved with well-designed salon equipment from DIR Salon Furniture.

DIR has hair steamer and hair processor solutions that can help beauty salons stand out with a higher level of service. DIR’s ION hair steamer utilizes advanced micro mist technology to moisturize hair. It produces anions that can neutralize the positive charge found in and around hair responsible for static shocks and excessive dryness. In addition, the ION features an active carbon filtration system to ensure water purity. An extra large hood and support for mounting or free standing mode round out the ION’s impressive capabilities.

Hair processor units can quickly and efficiently dry hair without sapping of it of its natural moisture. The state-of-the-art Chale II uses an infrared sensory system to calibrate heat intensity in response to hair temperature and according to the needs of the treatment. DIR’s Chale II and Damita hair processors come with easily accessible heat and timer controls, adjustable height, and pre-configurable in wall mounted or free standing modes.

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