Pedicure Units for Your Salon

The pedicure has become an ultra-popular service, offered either in a specialized locale or as part of a comprehensive spa treatment. Pedicure customers look to be pampered in luxurious surroundings while enjoying the sensual pleasures and health benefits of their session. Many salons also choose to integrate foot and back massages during a pedicure. With high expectations and steep competition, you need a massage pedicure chair can deliver the complete therapeutic experience.

DIR Group offers pedicure chair and pedicure station products capable of handling even the most rigorous of spa treatments. Take the Dragon, an engineering marvel that features a full range of massage functions – kneading flapping, knocking or even a synchronous tandem of both kneading and flapping. Its 4-wheel driven airbag massage system applies powerful and accurate pressure with minimal noise. Soft, water-resistant exteriors, thick memory foam cushioning, solid metal construction, and fully adjustable recliner, seat, and armrest positions provide for an unforgettably relaxing experience.

Meanwhile, the Dragon’s pedicure tub complements its comfortable seating with a pipeless, LED-lit water jet system and integrated temperature control. The tub, along with the chair base, is constructed from durable fiberglass, not plastic, and will resist long term moisture, cracking, and wear. The Dragon’s easy-access flow control and built-in drain pumps ensure simplicity and hassle-free maintenance. Factor in DIR’s industry-leading warranty, and this is a salon pedicure chair that will serve both patron and proprietor at the highest level.

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