Continuum Pedicure Chair Simplicity

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Simplicity – Rolling and kneading massage, Manual 4-way seat.


Seat color options: Black, Chocolate, Almond, Cappuccino, Burgundy. 

Base color options: Genuine Cherry.


The genius of Simplicity, the art of creating a pedicure chair without plumbing, without installation and as simple as its name.

Easy-Lift Removable Tub

This lightweight removable tub fills from a standard sink without any hoses or connectors. The tubs elongated design holds the perfect amount of water for a pedicure (1.5 gallons) and comfortably fits a size thirteen feet. Enjoy all the features and benefits of a regular pedicure spa without all the cleaning and the expense of plumbing and installation.

           Adjustable Footrest & Contoured Pads Comfortable & Total Foot Support

           No Plumbing or Installation No hoses, pumps, connections

           Removable Tub with Disposable Liner Safe, Sanitary, Convenient

           Oscillating Aqua Massage with Heat Invigorating, Soothing, Relaxing

           Environmentally Friendly Recyclable, energy efficient

           Oscillating Aqua Massage with Heat Invigorating, Soothing, Relaxing

           Genuine Cherry Wood Veneer Protected with a Durable Acetone Resistant Finish

           Made in the USA

Safe and Sanitary

The Simplicity offers a worry-free alternative to cleaning a large basin by utilizing disposable liners in the removable tub. Spend less time cleaning and sanitizing and more time with your clientele.

Quality & Warranty

The Simplicity is NOT an imported pedicure chair. It was designed, engineered and is manufactured in the United States of America. All major components are produced in the Midwest resulting in superior quality control, leading to far less problems and increased longevity. Talk is cheap and so are many of our competitor’s chairs. When you purchase the Simplicity by Continuum you’re assured of a high quality pedicure chair built to last.

Unlike competitor’s “Exception after Exception” or expensive extended warranties, Continuum offers a simple and easy to understand “No Nonsense” warranty that covers parts and labor for one year.



 - London & Birmingham, Cologne, New York showrooms are open to public,  more designs are available in showroom.

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