Dir Salon Furniture at the IBS Show

DIR Salon Furniture is a worldwide leader in salon furniture. By combining trendsetting designs, high end materials, and superb manufacturing standards, DIR’s wide selection of salon equipment – barber chairs, styling chairs, beauty beds, shampoo stations, salon mirrors, trolley carts, manicure and pedicure stations, and much more – continue to set the curve for quality and reliability.
We invite you to come and see the difference in our products for yourself.
DIR will be displaying our products at the 2019 International Beauty Show (IBS), Jacob Javits Convention Center, New York, from March 10-12, 2019. Booth # 2305.

Hope to see you there!

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Accessories for all your Salon Furniture and Equipment

Salon furniture, like all other multi-part equipment, will eventually require maintenance and replacement parts to continue functioning at peak efficiency. Locating parts in the hopes that they are both reputably sourced and compatible with your original equipment can be a major challenge. How does one even begin, especially when the original seller may just be a middle party whose interests are more prioritized to marketing than product support? How much time and effort would it save if your purchase was supported by a company that actually makes the product themselves, and who would be able to provide original parts, down the line? How much business would be lost if a crucial chair or station is kept out of order, waiting for replacement parts?

This is precisely the advantage that DIR Salon Furniture affords our customers. Unlike other vendors, we are intimately involved over the entire life cycle on all our products, from concept and design to production and support. Simply put, nobody knows our products better than we do. That puts DIR in a position to provide unparalleled warranty and technical support, and to complement the entire customer experience. Since DIR manufactures all of its own products, we will always retain the flexibility to supply parts and accessories, according to need. As our customer, you will never need to purchase parts from a third party supplier for a product that we make ourselves.
There is a priceless assurance in knowing that the replacement part you need is not only readily available, but also tailored for the original equipment, by its very manufacturer. If a problem does arise, DIR’s customer support is just one email or phone call away. So whether you need a LED light strip of a styling station, accessories for a barber chair, plumbing components of a shampoo chair, or the remote control unit of a beauty bed, take comfort in the peace of mind that only DIR can provide.

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Packages that Dir Offers

The major pieces of equipment in a salon or beauty shop must work in delicate tandem. A styling chair goes with a styling station or mirror, which is accompanied by a trolley cart or cabinet. Retail display shelves are often most useful and more aesthetically appealing in pairs or trios. Making sure that all of the required equipment is in place, and that they complete each other as well as the salon at large, can be a major challenge. For your convenience, DIR has salon equipment packages that combine selections from some of our most popular salon styling chair, styling station, trolley cart, and retail display shelf models. Available at a bundle discount, this is a great opportunity to complete your salon procurement at considerable savings.

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Dir All Purpose Stools

The humble salon or medical stool may not receive any special attention, but the benefits it provides can be invaluable. More than just a chair with wheels, a high quality stool can add mobility, alleviate posture, and improve access and quality of service. And with the right design, a stylish reception stool can make a sharp visual statement in a place of business as well.

For high quality salon stool, medical stool, manicure stool, stylist stool, technician stool, hairstylist chair and reception chair solutions, look no further than DIR Salon Furniture’s expansive collection. Perfect for any salon, clinic, or office environment, DIR’s versatile salon stools offer pneumatic pump-adjustable seats, high-density memory foam cushioning that molds to every contour, fire proof and water resistant vinyl covering, smooth rolling casters, support for up to 300 pounds, and an array of elegant styles and colors to match and complement a variety of interiors.

While DIR’s salon stools have a wide range of height adjustability, there are some jobs for which a lower stool is required. In these situations, a well-constructed, low sitting stool can mean the difference between long-term comfort and chronic backache. That’s why DIR has added a separate line of pedicure stool products designed specifically for pedicures and foot spa work. Featuring the same premium materials and quality construction used in our salon stools, DIR’s pedicure stools are trimmed to a reduced height to allow easy access to low elevations. So whether it’s intended for a specialized service, i.e. pedicure, manicure, technician, hair cutting stool; or a general purpose office, home or reception rolling chair; DIR has the solution for all your salon and pedicure stool seating needs.

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Pedicure Units for Your Salon

The pedicure has become an ultra-popular service, offered either in a specialized locale or as part of a comprehensive spa treatment. Pedicure customers look to be pampered in luxurious surroundings while enjoying the sensual pleasures and health benefits of their session. Many salons also choose to integrate foot and back massages during a pedicure. With high expectations and steep competition, you need a massage pedicure chair can deliver the complete therapeutic experience.

DIR Group offers pedicure chair and pedicure station products capable of handling even the most rigorous of spa treatments. Take the Dragon, an engineering marvel that features a full range of massage functions – kneading flapping, knocking or even a synchronous tandem of both kneading and flapping. Its 4-wheel driven airbag massage system applies powerful and accurate pressure with minimal noise. Soft, water-resistant exteriors, thick memory foam cushioning, solid metal construction, and fully adjustable recliner, seat, and armrest positions provide for an unforgettably relaxing experience.

Meanwhile, the Dragon’s pedicure tub complements its comfortable seating with a pipeless, LED-lit water jet system and integrated temperature control. The tub, along with the chair base, is constructed from durable fiberglass, not plastic, and will resist long term moisture, cracking, and wear. The Dragon’s easy-access flow control and built-in drain pumps ensure simplicity and hassle-free maintenance. Factor in DIR’s industry-leading warranty, and this is a salon pedicure chair that will serve both patron and proprietor at the highest level.

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Display Your Salon Products with DIR Display Shelves

Retail display shelf units are a common sight at most salons. There are many products that a salon may wish to recommend and offer to their customers should they desire to duplicate some measure of their salon experience at home. This could be a line of shampoo, coloring, or other hairstyling products. A retail display shelf can attractively present and highlight featured products as well as provide additional storage for a space-conscious salon.

Retail display can be simple and elegant, like DIR’s wall-mounted Vina, with its frosted glass panels and practical design. Or it can incorporate built-in cabinets and LED lighting, as embodied in the bold, free-standing Gems. If in doubt, try the best of both worlds with the versatile Barron. Using top quality materials, cutting edge designs, and backed by a one-year warranty, a DIR retail display shelf can help unlock the marketing and aesthetic potential of any salon or retail business.

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Waiting Benches for Salons and Other Entities

The salon waiting area plays a key role in setting a positive impression and for keeping customers comfortable, especially during a moment when their patience may be inconvenienced. With the potential to speak volumes about an establishment before any actual service is rendered, how can any salon owner afford to treat their waiting area as an afterthought? Don’t leave it to chance. Use the waiting space as an opportunity to provide an aperitif for the customer rather than risk their critique.


Fortunately, DIR Salon Furniture makes the task easy. Whether it’s a lavish reception sofa, reception bench, waiting bench, or a series of waiting chairs, DIR can help spruce up a salon’s waiting area with class and professionalism. From the classic Gusto to the ultra-modern Tetto, and the artsy Passione to the modular Cubo II, DIR’s wide selection of salon waiting chairs feature the same thick, supportive memory foam cushioning, durable vinyl upholstery, solid wood and metal frames, and availability in a variety of rich, sumptuous colors to suit any salon theme or décor. An attractive and comfortable waiting bench, when complemented by a professional reception desk, will go a long way toward ensuring a pleasant and lasting impression in a salon as well as any business or office environment.

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Salon Hair Dryer

The mention of a salon hair dryer often conjures up images of noisy intakes and parched scalps. Thankfully, this no longer needs to be the case. DIR Salon Furniture’s hooded professional salon dryer, aptly named the Capsule, is designed to be both space and energy efficient. This means low noise and maximum comfort for the salon patron.

The Capsule’s extra large hood provides even and efficient heat radiation for any hair type, while the fully adjustable temperature controls prevent over drying. Depending on your salon’s layout and space requirements, the Capsule can be pre-configured in free-standing or wall-mounted variants. In either setup, the Capsule hair dryer works quickly and safely to breeze through a crucial step of the hair styling experience.

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Hair Steamers and Color Processors

There are many benefits to hair steaming and processor treatment, including improvements to scalp circulation, exfoliation, dandruff mitigation, color enhancement, and hair and root health. It’s no wonder, then, that hair processor treatment is gaining popularity at modern hair salons. Though this type of treatment would normally require a long list of functions and capabilities, it can be achieved with well-designed salon equipment from DIR Salon Furniture.

DIR has hair steamer and hair processor solutions that can help beauty salons stand out with a higher level of service. DIR’s ION hair steamer utilizes advanced micro mist technology to moisturize hair. It produces anions that can neutralize the positive charge found in and around hair responsible for static shocks and excessive dryness. In addition, the ION features an active carbon filtration system to ensure water purity. An extra large hood and support for mounting or free standing mode round out the ION’s impressive capabilities.

Hair processor units can quickly and efficiently dry hair without sapping of it of its natural moisture. The state-of-the-art Chale II uses an infrared sensory system to calibrate heat intensity in response to hair temperature and according to the needs of the treatment. DIR’s Chale II and Damita hair processors come with easily accessible heat and timer controls, adjustable height, and pre-configurable in wall mounted or free standing modes.

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Salon Packages by Dir

Styling chairs and shampoo units go hand-in-hand at any beauty or hair salon. Chances are, if you need one, you need the other. For your convenience, DIR Salon Furniture offers beauty salon packages for our most popular salon styling chair and shampoo backwash models. Each salon package combines one shampoo station unit with three matching salon chairs. This is a great way to match the aesthetic theme you have in mind for your salon while ensuring the high quality and luxurious comfort that has come to define all of DIR’s salon equipment. These salon package deals represent a substantial discount compared to purchasing the same items individually, but supplies are limited. Purchase a set now and save.

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