Are you a traditional barber without Barber chairs?

Traditional barbers are on the increase, not only are we seeing men taking more pride in their appearance but with facial hair now making a come back, the traditional barbers shop is back on the scene.

The iconic barber chairs are also making a huge come back, with them being the focal point of any men’s salons or barbers. Dir Group are at the forefront of barber chair design and offer a range of contemporary and modern designs.

The DIR Belgrano Barber chair is the latest and most sophisticated unit Dir have in their product range, featuring an elegant style with high-grade faux leather and high-density memory foam. Providing the most comfort and luxury experience ever offered from the Dir line of Barber chairs, Belgrano is sure to impress all customers.

The Dir Giuliano is a stylish barber chair that has a fully adjustable backrest, footrest and headrest. Comfort is ensured by high-density memory foam and high-grade fireproof vinyl provides durability and safety. Hydraulic raising pump and solid chrome polished base can handle weights up to 1000 lbs.

And finally the Dir Viyella barbers chair features a contemporary sculpted chrome structured design for style and comfort with gas cylinder-controlled reclined back with adjustable headrest, also features hydraulic pump.

For more information on the complete Dir Group range, please visit the Dir Group website at If you would prefer to visit one of our UK showrooms in London or Birmingham, we will be happy to show you around and help you choose the best salon chairs for your business. All our equipment is available for delivery in UK, Europe and Rest of the World.

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