How to Select the Best Salon Furniture

Selecting the best furniture for a Salon is a key part of any salon design or refit. Salon furniture always plays an important role in any salon so; selecting the best quality furniture is always a daunting task for most salon owners or designers. There are several tips you need to follow to choose the best style, colour and sizes available.

The type of salon furniture should first be decided on, depending on the amount of space available in the salon and the number of employees who will be centered around each workstation. Typically you should look to accommodate at least 4 peoples around each workstation.

The design and layout of your salon should next be taken into consideration. Choose salon furniture, which best suites the design of your salon. You can either choose salon furniture, which blends into the surrounding décor, or make a statement with your furniture, select a contrasting colour and make it a focal point of your design. Salon Furniture suppliers such as Dir Group offer a wide range of colours and styles to match most salons décor.

The customers comport is the next important point to take into consideration, customers can spend long periods of time sitting on salon furniture and they wont come back to your salon if the salon furniture they used wasn’t comfortable. Make sure you select a balance of style and comfort, Dir Group offer a range of stylish, yet comfortable backwash units, waiting chairs and salon chairs.

Finally the type of salon furniture you require should be carefully considered, you will be working with the furniture on a daily basis for a number of years, so selecting the correct ergonomic features is key to getting the best salon furniture. Features such as lift, swivel and tilt matter, as you need to make the experience of using the salon furniture easy for both you and your customers.

Dir Group offer a wide range of salon furniture which is available for delivery throughout the world. Visit or call in at one of their showrooms in London or Birmingham.

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