Salon Reception Desk – Best Impression for the Best Service

A salon reception a desk or reception counter, perhaps more than any other piece of salon equipment, has the power to make a great first impression and set a stylistic tone for the rest of the salon. DIR reception desks are designed and crafted specifically with salons and beauty parlors in mind, furnished with loads of space-saving features, sized to fit your space, and priced to fit your budget.

Looking for something stylish yet compact? Consider the modern and professional Orsacchiotto, with its softly frosted, LED-lit glass panels and slide out keyboard panel. Or perhaps a spacious work counter, modular sectional design, lockable drawers, and ample cabinetry for storage and display are greater priorities? Then the elegantly curved Janus is an ideal solution. Choose from these and many more reception desk models in DIR’s expansive salon furniture catalog.

Once you’ve decided on a reception desk, consider complementing it with a classy waiting bench to create an attractive and inviting reception area in your salon.

Dir offer a huge range of salon furniture and its all available from one site, so for more information on Dir Salon Furniture ranges please visit the product section of the Dir website –


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Facial and Massage Beds- An Introduction

When you think of beauty furniture, you may think of a salon chair or massage chair. Beauty equipment is much more than this and can range from facial beauty beds to styling units, which offer a luxurious and bespoke experience for salon clients.

Beauty furniture such as facial beauty beds come in a wide range of specifications, offering different designs and features to make the experience of using them relaxing and enjoyable for both the client and the technician

A facial beauty bed or chair has many applications in the cosmetology industry. In addition to facials and spa treatments, it can also be used as a massage bed, tattoo bed or ink bed, medical chair, or dental chair. Due to the delicate and time-consuming nature of these applications, comfort and stability for both customer and care provider are absolutely critical to a proper beauty bed or chair.

DIR Salon Furniture offers a wide selection of beauty beds, spa beds, massage tables, facial tables, and tattoo chairs that are versatile, easy-to-use, stylish, and built to relax away stress and tension. Featuring fully electric, remotely adjustable back, height, reclining, and massage capability; nestled in thick, high-density memory foam and soft, water-resistant faux leather; and supported by an all-metal, internally stabilized frame, DIR’s beauty beds are state-of-the-art in comfort and stability.

Be sure to check out our ever-expanding catalog of facial beauty beds, beauty chairs, and other quality salon equipment. As always, DIR designs and manufactures every item in our catalog from start to finish. This A-to-Z involvement gives DIR the unparalleled ability to ensure quality and provide total support for our products. A beauty bed is a major investment; don’t make the mistake of buying one from a third party marketer with little or no knowledge of the product. Consider DIR, where we assure quality ownership for our quality products.

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Ensuring your Salon has the essential Organizing Equipment

In any salon or styling venue, equipment storage and organization are indispensable. For the myriad of hair dryers, curling irons, hairstyling, coloring, manicure, and pedicure tools, DIR Salon Furniture offers a range of trolley cart, shampoo cart, manicure cart, pedicure cart, and roller cabinet solutions. Having trolleys for your hair stylists are essential if you want to ensure that your salon remains clean and tidy as well as look professional. By having trolleys available you can be sure that there will be nothing lying around and everything will have its own place.

Trolleys range widely and there are many different kinds that you can choose from.With features like lockable drawers, soft closing mechanisms, hidden wire pass-through, and versatile color and styling options, DIR Salon trolley carts ensure that your salon tools are organized and accessible, all in a package personalized to your taste in décor.


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Manicure Tables for Nail Salons

Manicure Tables – Form Meets Function

Professional manicure services have become very popular, offered in the form of either a nail bar within a hair salon, or a dedicated nail salon. Whichever the form, a good manicure table or nail station is as important as ever. In addition to providing practical essentials like ample storage for all of your manicure supplies and convenient access for customers and nail technicians alike, a full service manicure station, such as DIR’s Quar Manicure Table, also comes with premium features like dust extraction vents, dual UV light compartments, LED illumination, moisture resistant desk surface, and integrated tool outlets. The Quar Manicure Station is customizable to white, black, and grey, to complement the aesthetic theme of any salon environment. Pair it with our matching Pedi-Mani trolley cart, designed to fit neatly under the manicure table, for an elegant and space-saving nail station package.

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Shampoo Units – An Integral Part of every Beauty Salon

A shampoo or hair wash unit is an indispensable part of a salon’s services. Yet, a chair and a sink simply won’t do. A proper shampoo station needs to keep customers cozy during what otherwise might be a rather awkward part of their session. This shampoo unit must be uncompromisingly comfortable, hygienic, water resistant, and accessible. Fortunately, you can count on DIR Salon Furniture’s shampoo backwash units to exceed every single standard.

High-density memory foam responds to every curve and contour, while supple, durable vinyl protects against water and color stains. Reclining, massage-capable seats ease gently into a tilting shampoo bowl, all while remaining easily accessible for either floor or rear plumbing. A heavy duty hydraulic base and an all-metal internal structure promise long-term, reliable service. Show your customers that their comfort and satisfaction are of utmost priority, with a DIR shampoo backwash station.

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Color Bars – How Important are they for Salons?

Hair coloring is delicate work, requiring fine accuracy and well organized cleanliness. A reliable color bar station from DIR Salon Furniture can combine storage, sink, and partitioning into a single, elegant solution, enabling color stylists with the clean, clutter-free space to focus on their latest creations. Featuring durable, easy-clean countertops, ample and versatile storage for color tubes and towels, stainless steel sink with all fixtures included, a DIR color bar is an invaluable addition to any salon.

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Barber Chairs – What Sets DIR Apart?

As the key fixture of any barbershop, the timeless barber chair exudes a romantic quality, evoking images of hearty laughs, intimate conversations and classic style. The quintessential barber chair captures this nostalgic quality while providing luxurious comfort and durability. This is the promise built into every one of DIR Salon Furniture’s wide selection of barber chairs and barbershop supplies.

With each DIR barber chair, you can count on top quality materials, all-metal construction, heavy duty hydraulics, adjustable seating and reclining, and a vast array of styling choices. So whether you prefer classic black or iconic red, chrome or brushed metal finish, contemporary or vintage styles, DIR Salon Furniture has the right barber chair to deliver an exquisite barbering experience.

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Styling Stations for your Salon

Out of all salon furnishings, the mirror of your styling station will surely receive the most attention, by far. After all, it is the literal reflection of your customers’ hair styling experience. Your mirrors, whether on a styling station, hair dresser station, wall-mounted or free standing, must present your salon in the best possible light.


DIR Salon Furniture understands this need, which is why we have a styling station and salon mirror lineup that is as versatile as your services. Choose from single and double-sided solutions, antique and contemporary accents, full-featured and minimalist styles, and metallic, glass, or wood accents. Regardless of your choice, each DIR styling station comes with LED back lighted mirrors, sturdy construction, and a risk-free full year warranty. When paired with one of our comfortable styling chairs, a DIR styling station will invigorate both your clients and your salon.

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Salon Styling Chairs and their Importance

The styling chair is a centerpiece for your salon. It is where your customers spend the bulk of their time. A proper styling chair must offer style, quality, and comfort in order to provide a satisfying salon experience. As the most visible part of a salon, the styling chair has the opportunity to set the aesthetic tone for your entire establishment. The styling chair must also keep your customers comfortable for the length of their visit. Lastly, the styling chair needs to maintain durability over the long term demands of a busy salon environment.

DIR Salon Furniture styling chairs are designed to meet these demands without any compromise. Whether you’re in need of a salon or styling chair for hairdressing, hairstyling, threading, eyebrow work, or an all-purpose chair, DIR Salon Furniture has a solution for you. Our wide selection of salon and styling chairs is expertly designed and crafted to the highest standards, using carefully selected, top quality materials. With features such as adjustable headrests, wide range reclining, internal metal stabilizers, and versatile styling options, DIR salon chairs are sure to earn the appreciation of your patrons for their comfort and beauty, and the approval of hairdressers and hairstylists for their convenient ergonomics.

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Salon Furniture and Salon Equipment Checklist

Are you planning to open a new hair salon? If so, it is essential that you do your homework and work out ahead of time exactly what you need to make your business a success.

One thing that is for certain is that you can’t achieve success without the right salon furniture and equipment. Use the following checklist to work out what you need to keep your clients happy, make the salon run more smoothly and offer all of the treatments and services you have in mind.

Reception desk: Every hair salon and beauty spa, regardless of its area of expertise, needs a reception desk. This is the first and last point of contact for clients; without it, there would be chaos.

Waiting benches: Allocate enough seating for waiting clients to avoid anyone having to stand or the salon becoming too cramped.

Salon chairs: You can’t cut and style hair without somewhere suitable for clients to sit.

Styling stations: These consist of a mirror, storage for accessories and optional footrest and shelf.

Backwash units

Manicure stations: You can either have individual stations or a nail bar; whichever suits the style of your salon best.

Pedicure stations:

Massage chairs: Why not treat your clients to a relaxing automated massage whilst they wait or have their hair wash?


To view the wide variety of salon furniture and salon equipment we carry, please visit our website

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