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The reception desk used in any business is not often looked at as important, when in reality it is, it can show that your salon is organised and means business. This is because you normally place it in the main entrance, and therefore the reception desk is one of the first pieces of furniture anyone sees when walking in through your door. This can lead to a good or bad impression of your salon from just a moments glance.

Dir Group (Dream in Reality Group) can provide a range of different reception desks for your salon, ranging in colour, the material they are made from, and if they have an illuminated panel at the front. One of the reception desks which can cover all of the above is the Dir Jade, it can add fresh style to your salon with a contemporary design which features a striking black wood finish and a subtle illuminated glass front panel, which brings a welcoming glow to your reception area. The colour options for the front panel is either black ash or white.

One of the Dir Group‘s best selling reception desk is the Dir Orsacchiotto, it is a trendy desk, which brings a real focal point to any salon, and it has display space on the front. It also has a spilt-level feature with glass covered working surface and display area. It offers practicality and impact, as well as being easy to assemble.

All of the Dir Group’s reception desks cost under £500, cost isn’t everything when it comes to buying a reception desk. As the Dir Satellite contains many of the same features as the Dir Star Ferry, but is currently on a special offer and is available at a discounted price.

Dir Group (Dream in Reality Group) has showrooms in Birmingham and London which are open to the public, and have more designs available in the showroom. For more information on the range of reception desks available from Dir Group please visit the Reception Desks section of the Dir website.

Dir offer a huge range of salon furniture and its all available from one site, so for more information on Dir Group’s ranges please visit the product section of the Dir website –

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