Color Bar Granite

(DIR Code: 6688)
  • $1,499.00


Dir Color Bar Granite is beautifully balanced with Ash Black wooden finish along with a granite counter top for easy cleaning and everlasting use. Targeting salons and colors bars, this unit features a double-layered chemical storage rack. Back section for not every day used chemicals and front sliding cabinets for daily used chemical house in stainless steel racks.

·        Granite stone top & durable PVC Ash Black surface for easy cleaning and low maintenance. 

·        Ample color tube storage with front and back placements

·        Large drawer & Cabinets for towel storage along with push-flap door for used towels

·        Stainless steel sink with water fixtures are all included

·        Cabinetry full assembled – Ships in 2 separate boxes

·        Additional color available for special ordering 

·        Product Weight & Dimension: 400 lbs. 51” Wide, 23” Deep, 76” Tall

·        1 Year Warranty    


- London & Birmingham, Cologne, New York showrooms are open to public, more designs are available in showroom.

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