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7 Great Winter Salon Décor Ideas

Salon decor ideas for winter

With the chilly embrace of winter fast approaching, there’s no better time to start thinking about winter salon décor ideas. Winter salon decor is not just about aesthetics – it's about evoking a feeling of comfort, luxury, and festive cheer. From snowy white accents and sparkling metallics to rich, plush fabrics, there are many ways to capture the essence of the season and make your salon a warm, comfortable haven from the cold winter conditions.


It doesn’t matter if you want a subtle seasonal touch or a full-blown winter wonderland – this blog will bring you a treasure trove of ideas to inspire your winter salon makeover. Get ready to create a space where every client feels pampered, relaxed, and in the holiday spirit!

7 Salon Decorating Tips for the Holidays

In theory, getting your hair salon ready for winter may seem like an easy task. The reality, though, is that crafting a fun yet tasteful interior can be a challenge. You want an authentic seasonal feel, one that is lively yet elegant, without seeming forced or overdone. To ensure that your boutique acts as the cozy escape that’ll provide comfort and relaxation for your patrons, here are some beauty salon decorating ideas for you to consider as the cold weather approaches.


1.    Create a Stunning Window Display


Any salon owner should know that making a statement even before a guest walks through your doors is a must. The solution? Create a dazzling holiday display in your window to give off those holiday spirit vibes to any passerby. Consider small Christmas trees with special ornaments or trinkets, or set up a light display that’ll catch eyes and spark intrigue. Seasonal nutcrackers and other gizmos can draw attention due to their homely feel, and a draped garland along the window edges can add some sophistication and become an easy “wow” factor.


2.    Interior Decorations


Whether elf figurines, snowflakes, indoor garlands, dripping fake candles, ornamental trees, or even a new light pattern, the possibilities are nearly endless when it comes to modern salon decorating ideas. Hone in on what makes your salon special, and utilize smartly crafted displays to bring forth your own winter wonderland. Don’t be afraid to go bold, but don’t overdo it; otherwise, your salon will look like those houses where every box from the attic was spilled onto the front lawn.


3.    Soft Lighting & Winter Colors

Replacing harsh fluorescent lights with softer, warmer glows and adding fairy lights around styling stations or along walls can help create an especially cozy atmosphere, while incorporating deep greens, burgundies, and golds with the more classic icy blues and silvery whites will add depth and warmth to the space, creating an unforgettable holiday ambiance for your guests.

4.    Winterize Your Merch


Retail products can be decorated just as your salon can. Whether it’s a cute bow on your hair and skin product bundles, festive gift cards, or creating a gift-inspiring feel to your product displays, sprucing up your merch can incentivize buyers looking for presents and boost your salon’s ambiance.

5.    Deck the Walls (With or Without Boughs of Holly)


You can find cheap holiday decorations online that will work perfectly to fill your walls with holiday cheer. Paper snowflakes, Christmas card displays, wreaths, bows, and other salon wall decorating ideas can fill empty spaces and act as a super simple way to advance the holiday spirit.

6.    Collaborative Decorations


Why not allow your patrons to join in on the festivities? If you wish to set up a Christmas tree in your salon, bringing in an element of collaboration can elevate the holiday cheer. Maybe guests can decorate a snowflake or card to add to the tree, or simply color a printed picture of a present to add to the display.

7.    Make Scents!


Really want to capture the holiday spirit? Bring in some authentic scents such as cinnamon, nutmeg, pine, and other wintery smells to please the senses of your patrons before, during, and after their appointment.

At DIR, we’d like to wish you and your clients a great holiday and a happy New Year! Remember, the next time you’re updating your salon with new furniture, check out our full line of reception desks, pedicure chairs, and other essentials. 

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