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A Buyer’s Guide to Different Types of Salon Chairs

Types of Salon Chairs

It doesn’t matter if you’re opening a new hair salon or simply giving your current shop an update—there’s so much equipment to consider that it can be overwhelming. There are all the essential tools, of course: the shears, clippers, curling irons, and blow dryers. And then there are also the shampoo and styling stations to think about, as well as beauty carts and manicure tables, dryers and steamers, and even medical spa equipment. But choosing from among the many types of salon chairs (barber chairs, styling chairs, etc) is perhaps the most critical decision that will define your space. Below, you’ll find useful information about different kinds of salon chairs. 

Unique Salon Chairs

Everything You Need to Know About Buying Unique Salon Chairs

There are two main factors to keep in mind when purchasing the best hair salon chairs for your shop: comfort and functionality. Is the styling chair you’re looking at something a customer would find comfortable to sit in, and does it serve your purposes? Here are a few things to keep in mind when searching for different types of salon chairs:

  • Quality – Aim for a chair with durable material and solid construction, but one that doesn’t sacrifice style.

  • Cost – It’s important to stay within your budget, of course, but also remember that purchasing a better quality salon chair may pay dividends down the road.

  • Style – Be sure that the chair you choose goes with the rest of the aesthetic in your salon–unless that kind of eclecticism is your aesthetic!

  • Placement – Don’t make your clients feel crowded or uncomfortable by having stations and chairs crammed too close together.

  • Chair Height – You’ll be adjusting the height of the chair from client to client, so make sure it fits that need.

  • Weight Limits – Every chair does have a weight limit, so be mindful when selecting a seat intended for all.

Now let’s take a look at the many unique salon chairs that you have to choose from:

Hydraulic Salon Styling Chairs

No salon would be complete without the centerpiece of the shop: the salon styling chair. Typically sleek and modern with a hydraulic height adjustment pump—this is the chair where most of the stylist’s work is done.  

Barber Chairs

Due to its comfort and unique reclining abilities, the barber chair is a great addition to any salon. In combination with a height adjustment feature, the chair’s reclining capabilities allow easy access from all angles when trimming a beard or providing facial services.

Shampoo Chairs

Often built into a shampoo station, these chairs need to recline in order for the head and hair to rest comfortably in the washing bowl. Some high-end salon chairs built for shampooing even have footrests and are made with waterproof material, to ensure a more durable investment.

All-Purpose Chairs

Perhaps the most useful of all the options, these versatile, unique salon styling chairs are professionally designed to accommodate those stylists who perform multiple services within the small confines of a studio space. Capable of reclining for a detailed shave or facial, but with a removable headrest that comes in handy for shampooing, these all-purpose chairs will fit any stylist’s needs!

Now that you know what’s available, you can begin focusing on the details that fit your salon! At DIR, we use our extensive knowledge of the European salon scene to produce some of the finest beauty salon and spa furniture on the market. Each item in our collection—which includes all of the options listed above—is imbued with unparalleled detail and artistry, and is crafted according to the top manufacturing standards. Browse our selection when you want more information about our full line of salon furniture! 

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