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Barber Shop Ideas

Barber Shop Ideas

Whether you’re a small business hairdresser, or an owner of a salon or chic boutique, these barber shop ideas can go a long way in switching things up and keeping it fresh for yourselves and your clients. Barber shops and salons should always be a place of comfort, and by staying up to date with your equipment, trying out new designs or styles, and being willing to reinvent your business if needed, you can maintain some super positive vibes that just might draw in some new faces.

Barber Shop Interior Ideas

One of the best ways to spice up any salon or shop is to familiarize yourself with some barber shop interior ideas. Especially if you feel as if your current style is reaching its end, considering some upgraded or reimagined interior designs can provide a fresh start and revitalized interest for clients and customers. Now don’t worry, these barber shop interior ideas don’t require a full-fledged renovation, or that much remodeling at all. Sometimes, it’s best to work with what you have, and change the details according to your needs and goals.

  • Find That Color Palette

    - The interior colors of a salon or barber shop can play a big role in its overall personality, so it’s super important to find tones, hues, and patterns that speak to what you’re trying to purvey in your shop. For loud personalities with “Steel Magnolias” vibes, perhaps a bolder, more dominant color would work best. If your chic salon is meant as a calming, therapeutic experience, softer colors and pastels can bring forth these feelings.

  • Consider Rustic or Old-Fashioned

    - Barber shops and salons alike can greatly benefit from incorporating more rustic and old-fashioned designs. Not only do these interior styles provide a homely feel, but they also make any store look more elegant, distinguished, and mature. Consider wood floors of deep mahogany, or reddish-brown inlays on mirrors, wall fixtures, countertops, and doors.

  • Go With More Modern

    - Sometimes keeping up with the now can help cater to certain audiences. If your business is in the heart of a buzzing city, incorporating sleek and modern styles can capture the essence of the local area, and provide the “chic” sense that’s been mentioned before. For modern barber shop ideas, go for straight and clean lines on your walls, bringing in silvers, grays, and well-contrasting woods on fixtures and equipment. Mixing these in with brick is also a good way to capture a modern look that alludes back to more dated roots.
  • Bring Comfort to Your Waiting Area

    No one likes to wait in an area that is either dirty, poorly spaced, lacking imagination, or uncomfortable. Bringing in new and improved furniture items such as soft and relaxing chairs or couches that match your interior theme is an easy way to provide more comfort to clients. Also consider a dazzling coffee table, with magazines or other trinkets to help pass the time.

The Importance of Quality Salon Furniture and Equipment

Once your interior is better imagined and fleshed out, it’s time to look into either upgrading, repairing, or completely revamping your entire fleet of salon furniture and equipment. Easy ways to get started with both of these things would be:


- Nothing makes a client feel more comfortable than getting a cut with clean, modern, and well-made tools. Be it buzzers, shears, combs, shampoos/lotions, air blowers, etc., you should never try to cut corners when finding high-end tools, as they easily change how one perceives a barber or salon experience.

Furniture and Equipment-

Ever sit on a salon chair that squeaks, or has an uncomfortable bulge that makes your experience unpleasant? No one likes using outdated or semi-broken equipment. New and high-end furniture not only speaks to your shop’s quality, but they’re also fantastic investments that will last longer, and bring more positive reviews. Whether it’s styling chairs, counters/tables, washing basins, or anything else that a customer will use during the process, consider upgrading if you’ve ever considered switching things up.

DIR Salon Furniture

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