Medical Spa Equipment

How To Pick Functional And Comfortable Medical Spa Equipment For Your Salon Business

Comfortable Medical Spa Equipment

It can be a challenge finding functional and comfortable medical spa equipment for your salon business. Not only have spas taken on the roles of cosmetic surgeons by offering amazing no-knife face-lifts and non-surgical liposuction with infrared blankets, but they are also incorporating modern technology and advances, as well as including it in their treatments by providing microcurrent face-lift treatments, non-surgical liposuction, and vacuum cupping massages. 

It’s critical to have both functionality and comfort when it comes to selecting the best facial bedsmedical spa exam chairs, medical treatment beds, spa treatment tables, and other spa furniture. Below, we’ll explain why this is important and what considerations to make when looking for your own equipment. 


Why You Need Both Functional and Comfortable Equipment 

What is the difference between a fantastic client experience and a bad one? It all boils down to having spa equipment of high quality. Customers engage with the surroundings of your salon in all dimensions, from the visual realm where they assess the aesthetics of your space, to the feeling they get while sinking in a comfortable chair. 

Whether a customer comes in for just facial steaming or perhaps also adds on a radiofrequency facial and soothing LED light treatment, they could be in a spa exam chair for two and a half hours. So investing in a nice chair from a trusted supplier is critical! 

First, the durability of all your spa equipment needs to be long-lasting. Medical treatment beds and spa treatment tables need to have grit to hold up power during those long days of back-to-back treatments, as well as medical spa exam chairs and massage beds that can keep up with non-stop appointments. Functionality is essential, whether it’s rotating the exam chair 180 degrees or more for a face treatment or lowering or elevating the bed for acupuncture.

Secondly, not only do you need comfortable medical spa equipment for your customers, but also your staff! Items like the Zen Adjustable Swivel Stool have a large height adjustment range for a variety of applications in the salon or medical office.

Also, don’t forget about the importance of well-chosen medical treatment beds! Fitted bedsheets and face cradle covers aren’t the most exciting spa accessories, but they’re essential for keeping everything clean. Bed coverings and other things are made of comfortable, thick, and long-lasting fabrics. 

In addition to both functional and comfortable medical spa equipment, it’s important to keep the overall vibe of your spa in mind. For a salon or spa, you should set extremely high standards for your employees and everyone must put out maximum effort to maintain an immaculate, clean, and dust-free look. You must care about your customers and the worth of your company, therefore your business must be maintained in a pristine, attractive state. 


Where To Find The Best Facial Beds and Chairs?

When choosing your salon furniture, it is paramount to collaborate with trustworthy suppliers. For DIR, patient safety, comfort, and adaptability are critical elements while designing medical spa furniture. Our brand is associated with excellence in producing beauty salon equipment, barber furniture, and more, with over 18 years of solid hair salon business and retail experience worldwide. 

Some of the modern conveniences found in DIR beauty beds are thicker, water-resistant exteriors with memory foam cushioning, controlled motorized reclining, electrical adjustment, and massage functions, such as our Apollo Electric Beauty Bed with Thermo Heat and Ebro Electric Facial Bed / Massage Table

Some of our newest beds include the Tranquility 4 Motors Medical Spa Treatment Table, the Luxi 4 Motors Medical Spa Treatment Table, and the Serenity Electric Medical Spa Treatment Table

You can browse our entire selection of salon equipment on our website, from salon chairs to our wide selection of furniture

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