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Salon Decor Ideas For 2023

 Check out these salon decor ideas for 2023 to ring in the new year in style. There’s no better time than the new year to reflect on your decor and discover how you can spice things up in and around your space to draw in potential clients. 

From new and exciting reception area ideas, dazzling hues and color palettes, and aesthetics that express the free spirit in all of us, there’s a lot to tap into as we welcome 2023. Let’s take a look at some of last year’s most popular styles and see how those are being tweaked into a stunning new look for your business.

Salon Interior Design Trends

Before we jump into these exciting salon interior design trends, it’s always a good idea to answer the simple notion, “why redecorate my salon?” Well, a salon’s decor is a complete reflection of your brand; any salon owner would want to exceed their customer’s expectations, and sometimes those expectations can stagnate without breathing some new life into pre-existing designs. 

This isn’t to say that you need to revamp your entire business completely, but it never hurts to jazz things up and bring in new elements to reflect certain moods, atmospheres, and styles. This way, any customer walking through your doors can participate in these vibes and welcome the new year in style.

So what are the popular hair salon design trends for 2023? Last year, the “Bohemian” certainly made its mark, and it seems to be trending yet again. This means organic patterns and textures with ethnic motifs, honing in on a love for the planet that society has for sure welcomed in over 2022. So what does this mean for your salon? Here’s a closer look at some salon interior design trends that meet those Boho/chic vibes:

Dramatic Touches to Small Areas - Making the most of your small spaces has always been a priority, but this year it gets a little more emphasis. Whether this is a luxurious shampoo station with bold wall art behind it or bringing in some textured tiles to spark a new layer of interest, you want these areas to be both eye-catching as well as functional. A small and well-thought-out nook can provide a picture-worthy space for social media, or even a good zoom background for meetings.

Bring in the Arches - Curves and arches are a great way to grace any salon interior, and they can be incorporated in multiple ways. Consider them for openings between rooms, retail product displays, or even lining a wall to frame a workstation as a way to bring both sophistication and intrigue throughout your space.

All Natural - A big aspect of the “Boho look” is incorporating plenty of natural elements and tones when redesigning your salon. Think rattan, wicker, plenty of green and beige colors, or even a homely rug in the reception area to strike that rustic vibe. Use plants and other earthy decorations to allow your clients to unwind with a nice cup of tea.

Adding Color to Your Salon Design Trends

One way of knowing how to decorate your salon is knowing how to incorporate color. Certain tones and patterns only work well with specific designs and styles, so it’s best to be aware, do your research, and find a palette that works for you and your customers.

  • Dynamic Marine Moods - Dark and stormy color palettes have seen a huge uptick in usage from last year. Think dark blues and gradient grays, and bringing in some earthy greens for an aqua look that’ll call for a relaxing and rejuvenating mood.

  • Upmarket Chic - Going bold will never go out of style. For this trendy ambiance, think big vibrant colors with sleek product displays, as well as some retro furnishings to draw eyes and demand attention.

  • At-Home Vibes - Redesigning your salon in a way that allows customers to feel “at home” can work wonders. Consider soft and comfortable colors with fresh flowers, or even hone in on that “girlie girl” aesthetic with plenty of pinks, reds, whites, and cream colors.

Ready to make these hair salon design trends a reality? No matter what aesthetic you desire, DIR Salon Furniture has all the equipment and furniture options you need to take your 2023 salon decor ideas to life. For more information regarding our products or services, contact DIR Salon today.

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