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The Best Stylist Station Ideas for your Business Needs

Stylist Station Ideas

Appearance is everything in the beauty and hair industry, which means your salon's image and stylist station ideas play a significant role in how customers perceive the value of your services. 

DIR Salon Furniture provides the perfect solution to showcase your personality and attitude to your customer base while still providing function and comfort through your furniture choices. If you're looking for some popular ideas, we’ve gathered a few of our favorite products and styles.

Modern-Day Classic

Modern salon styling stations combine a contemporary, classic style with a touch of minimalism. The furniture embodies simplicity, with color shades of white, silver, gray, brown, black, and beige. 

Combining different colors of chairs, mirrors, and other salon decorations is the perfect way to rock this style. Two must-haves for your salon include the Scatolina Salon Chair and the LED Lighted Styling Station.

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Antique & Victorian style

Vintage salon furniture combines cozy, romantic spaces with oversized furniture that feature a lot of unique details. Instead of bright colors, you can expect to find deep reds, golds, purples, greens, blues, and even black. 

Vintage Salon Furniture

To style your salon space, consider adding elegant salon furniture with details resembling an antique piece, like Vintage salon chairs. Need a mirror to tie the room together? Our Vintage LED Lighted Styling Station is the perfect solution.

All Black Everything

All black everything provides a dramatic, elegant and sophisticated vibe. It's a classic color that can be used in all salon elements, from the chairs and lighting tables to styling station cabinets. This vivid color is the perfect backdrop for photographing hair colors because it will naturally help other colors stick out.

Vintage Salon Chairs


If you enjoy luxury salon furniture, the glamorous salon-style will work well for you. Inside glamorously decorated salons are faux fur, bright studded furniture, and even sparkling ceiling pieces. The Luxury salon furniture look is a classy, upscale design, full of fun and class. An easy way to decorate your salon space is by combining an accent color with a neutral and metallic base. Two of our favorites include the Lion Salon Chair and LED Lighted Styling Station.


The bohemian style combines the exotic and rule-breaking elements of design into one space. Even though there are no specific rules, warm earthy colors are standard, such as jewel tones or metallic. The idea is to layer and combine colors to create this unique style. Mixing textures and patterns in an unconventional combination represents the essence of the Bohemian style. Some great pieces to add to your bohemian salon-style might include a fun meteor salon chair or an LED lighted styling station.

Luxury Salon Furniture

DIR Salon Furniture 

We're salon furniture manufacturers that care about providing various furniture styles to help match your personality. If you're having trouble finding the right salon furniture or don't know where to start, we offer personalized styling advice through our support team. Please contact us today with any questions you may have.

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