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Finalist in the British Hairdressing Awards

Stacey McKnight Hairdressing

Finalist in the British Hairdressing Awards

Nominee for Best Design


From the spacious interiors, polished marble floors, and a top shelf salon furniture package, it is easy to see why Stacey McKnight Hairdressing is a Best Salon Design Finalist in the British Hairdressing Business Awards.  From the first step in, clients are captivated by the open layout and gleaming opulence, signaling the fact that they’re in for a luxuriously pampering experience.  Inside the service area, a lone reception desk beckons toward a trio of Bellano styling chairs.  Opposite the hair salon chairs are rounded wall-mounted mirrors in place of the traditional salon styling station, which balances out the angular features of the room.  This beauty furniture setup is also present at the other side of the salon.

Further in, the lighting softens to a relaxing glow as it heralds the hair wash and lounging area.  Keeping with the theme of three, a trinity of Arcadian Salon Shampoo Stations makes for a bold statement, standing out from the light gray-dominant surroundings whilst the white backwash Basins tie it all together in a setting that exudes harmony and sophistication.  This setup makes great use of DIR’s salon beauty package options.  

Inspired by elements of this look?  Here’s how we helped:


Bellano Beauty Salon Hairdressing Styling Chair


Arcadian Salon Backwash Basin


Salon Furniture Package

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