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How to Clean Salon Equipment For Long-Term Care

How to Clean Salon Equipment

For any salon owner or employee, being aware of how to clean salon equipment properly can not only save you substantial money in the long-term, but it can make your clients’ experience all the more enjoyable. Since cleanliness and sanitation are ever so important for the salon industry, this guide will provide salon owners with tips to clean salon equipment, so you can get the most out of your gear and provide the best experience possible.

Tips to Clean Salon Equipment

Here are some general tips to clean salon equipment, as well as specific ways you can make sure your equipment is set up for the long run.

  • Routine Check-ups

    - It’s important for any salon owner to regularly check in on their equipment, especially those in more high traffic areas such as washing stations or styling chairs. Not only can loose screws, bolts, or hoses make a significant difference to their overall performance, but you may find some areas that need extra cleaning, and would otherwise have gone unnoticed.
  • Regular Wipe Downs

    - While some services such as coloring and hair care treatments will of course need extra cleaning afterward, it’s generally a good idea to do the same after any normal appointment. This way, you can be up-to-the-minute on your cleanliness, and keep things in order throughout the flow of the day.
  • Lower Chairs At End of Day

    - Most salon chairs feature a hydraulic system allowing them to raise or lower for client needs. At the end of the day, lowering these chairs alleviates much unneeded stress on the hydraulics, preserving the overall life of the chair for much longer.
  • Create a

    Salon Sanitation Checklist

    - It may sound unnecessary, but lists help just about everybody when handling a set of tasks, including cleaning. Keeping a sanitation list out of sight from clients can keep your cleaning in check without too much hassle, especially when you get a routine down pat.
  • Thoroughly Clean Shampoo Station

    - Since shampoo stations are used extremely often, their traps are quick to accumulate with hair. Ensuring that these traps are cleaned out after each shampoo session can prevent clogging and larger issues from arising.
  • Sanitize Foot Basins

    - Foot basins and pedicure stations should be self-explanatory when it comes to their cleanliness. Still, going further than simple cleaning can help substantially, and disinfecting the entire area can prevent the build-up of bacteria, dirt, debris, and other gross stuff you don’t want your feet going near.

How to Maintain Tools and Equipment in a Beauty Salon

Salon owners certainly know how large of an investment some of their equipment can be, and replacing certain tools or chairs can quickly rack up in price. For that reason, maintaining your equipment doesn’t just involve cleaning, but preventing problems before they arise. By thoroughly examining each and every piece, owners can quickly identify any issues and fix them before they worsen. 

One of the best ways to maintain your salon equipment for the long-term is by selecting only the highest quality equipment from the start. While nicer equipment is usually more expensive than standard options, the money saved going forward may just make the investment completely worth it.

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