Salon Equipment

Salon Styling chair - Meteor

The styling chair is a centerpiece for your salon. It is where your customers spend the bulk of their time.  A proper styling chair must offer style, quality, and comfort in order to provide a satisfying salon experience.As the most visible part of a salon, the styling chair has the opportunity to set the aesthetic tone for your entire establishment.  The styling chair must also keep your customers comfortable for the length of their visit. Lastly, the styling chair needs to maintain durability over the long term demands of a busy salon environment.  

DIR Salon Furniture styling chairs are designed to meet these demands without any compromise. Whether you’re in need of a salon or styling chair for hairdressing, hair styling, threading, eyebrow work, or an all-purpose chair, DIR Salon Furniture has a solution for you.  Our wide selection of salon and styling chairs is expertly designed and crafted to the highest standards, using carefully selected, top quality materials.  With features such as adjustable headrests, wide range reclining, internal metal stabilizers, and versatile styling options, DIR salon chairs are sure to earn the appreciationof your patrons for their comfort and beauty, and the approval of hairdressers and hairstylists for their convenient ergonomics. 

Tetris All Purpose Reclining Chair
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