Beauty Salon Design

Some inspirations for your salon using our salon furnitures
Our most popular barber Chair Vanquish is made perfectly by our skilled artisans and features a modern design with a Chrome metal frame and a vintage design with a brushed frame and upholstered with the most durable & comfortable vinyl covering.
The Dir Barber chair Executive is a strikingly attractive Barber Chair and multi-purpose reclining chair. Our hand-picked collection of Barber Chairs offer a variety of styles to match your preferences, whether you are looking to create a nostalgic, vintage look or modernize the appearance of your Barbershop.
Sophisticated Spas are in dire need of cutting edge equipment that is more in line with our times. Facial Beauty Bed and Massage Tables by Dir Salon Furniture are the perfect amalgamation of style and technology to address all the current needs.
Barber chairs are the center of attention of any men’s salons or Barber shop. With each DIR barber chair, you can count on top quality materials, all-metal construction, heavy duty hydraulics, adjustable seating and reclining, and a vast array of styling choices
The design of beauty furniture is as important as the actual furniture itself. Modern designs and sleek lines can enhance the look and feel of the salon environment. Dir Salon Furniture offers a range of ultra-modern beauty equipment in a range of colors and designs, to either make a bold statement or blend into the background of your salon.
The Bella III is a Shampoo Backwash Unit with State of the art design and advanced technology that includes roller ball shiatsu massage. Having these shampoo units in your salon or spa will surely make you stand out from the rest. You can count on DIR Salon Furniture’s shampoo backwash units to exceed every single standard.
Out of all the standard pieces of salon furniture, styling chairs are arguably the most significant as they set the stage for a client’s comfort and enhance the aesthetics of your business entity. With supreme quality of materials in tandem, all our salon styling chairs are manufactured with durability and quality in mind to ensure a great customer experience.
As the key fixture of any barbershop, the timeless barber chair exudes a romantic quality, evoking images of hearty laughs, intimate conversations and classic style. This is the promise built into every one of DIR Salon Furniture’s wide selection of barber chairs and barbershop supplies.