LED Lighting Styling Station & Trolley cart Salon Package 6713-5312

(DIR Code: 6713-5312)
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Clear Glass Top Protector:

Salon Package 6713-5312: Styling Station 6713 X 1 unit + Trolley Cart 5312 X 1 unit


Dir Salon Styling Station Luna II (Dir Code: 6713)

The unique single-side styling unit comes with geometric style wood finish. The Luna II creates a stunning unit that is further enhanced by subtle white LED lighting. The sleek and smooth frame design along with a glass shelf integrated with a dryer holder makes the Luna II unit a must have.

Frame Color options are available in Ash Black Silver, Black, White and Grey. For more color options, please contact our sales representative.

WARRANTY: One year


Dir Trolley Romance (Dir Code: 5312)

Dir's newly added Trolley Romance will be the jewel of our Trolley selections that is fitted with multiple large drawers for storage and one lockable drawer for personal belongings. The focal point of this unit would be our dryer and accessory compartment, fitted with multiple slots for dryers, curling irons and other tools. We also have made an opening on the back of the unit so that all the messy and complicated wiring will be hidden from plain view. Be sure to add our new Trolley to your salon today!

WARRANTY: One year

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