LED Lighting Reception Desk Janus - Curved L-Shaped

(DIR Code: 4888)
  • $1,199.00

Display Cabinet:
Storage Cabinet:

Our long anticipated L-shaped curved Reception Desk Janus is sure to catch everyone's attention. Utilizing Mix & Match capability making it ever so easy to fit into any salon or spa Reception Area.

Round Center Desk: $1,199.00 

Side Retail Display Cabinet: $399.00 

Side Storage Cabinet: $399.00

  • Three piece combinations to fit & adjust to any Reception Area, additional sections can be purchased if needed.
  •  Large counter surface for payment & transaction processing along with ample counter space for receptionist
  •          Retail Display Cabinets with two levels of displaying capacity
  •  Storage Cabinets with shelves and a lockable drawer for valuables
  •  Illuminating LED lights at both top and base further highlights the Reception Desk's great design
  •  Available in White or Black
  •  1-Year Warranty
  •  Product Weight(Reception Desk) : 175 Lbs
  •  Product Weight (Each Cabinet) : 75 Lbs

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