Massage Backwash Basin Leona

(DIR Code: 7859)
  • $1,299.00

Seat Color:
Bowl Color:
Vacuum Breaker:
Hair Trap:

Dir Massage Shampoo Backwash Unit Leona is an elegant and contemporary European styled shampoo station with smooth edges and sleek details. Fit with roller-ball Shiatsu back massage and vibrating massage seats, this unit is sure to impress your customers with a one of a kind hair shampooing experience.

               Seat material: High density memory foam with high grade faux leather built on metal base structure for long lasting use.
               Roller-ball Shiatsu back massage with vibrating seat massage
               Tilting ceramic sink in Black or White, Vacuum Breakers at $85.00 additional
               Hair trap available at$25.00check Accessories
               Accessories includes:Sprayer & Faucet, sink strainer, silicon neck rest, water supply line and Drain pipe
               Plumbing access for both backwash or side-wash setups
               Matching Styling Chairs Bellano available
               Other colors available upon request for special order
               Warranty: One year

London & Birmingham, Cologne, New York showrooms are open to public, moredesigns are available in showroom.

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