LED Lighting Styling Station Magic Single

(DIR Code: 6113)
  • $799.00 $999.00


Our wall mount Magic Single Styling Station with built-in cabinetry on the back makes the most out of any small spaces. Allowing users to fit all needed tools and accessories right in the rear cabinetry with ample storage from cabinets and drawers.

  •         Large cabinets and drawers along with heat resistance dryer holders
  •         Subtle LED illuminated mirror station
  •         Power can be run from the base of the unit (all wiring pre-fitted)
  •         Great for small spaced salons with all storage and working area built-in
  •         Cabinetry fully assembled and ready to use
  •         Available in White or Black

London & Birmingham, Cologne, New York showrooms are open to public,  more designs are available in showroom.

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