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Salon Decor Trends for 2022

Salon decor trends 2022

Staying current with the upcoming salon decor trends for 2022 will help keep your salon looking fresh and up-to-date. Each year new and exciting designs take center stage, and to help you prepare, we’ve put together a quick guide on what you can expect.   

In 2022, we’re going to see the reemergence of some classic styles, an implementation of foliage along with bold green shades, minimalist designs, natural textures, and beautiful tile patterns. Below, we will give you some examples of each trend with some insightful tips that will help you implement them throughout your space. 

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Trendy Hair Salon Decor Ideas

  1. Cottagecore

We might be moving into the future, but traditional styles that remind you of the Southern countryside are making a comeback in next year’s salon interior design trends! After spending nearly a year and a half at home, owners are looking to make their salons have a more “comfy cozy” aesthetic to make their clients feel at home. 

Cottagecore styles add a layer of elegance and luxury to any space. This style includes pastel colors, beautiful - yet simple - decorative carvings, raw wood surfaces, and upcycled decor. It will make entering your salon feel like a retreat to another era when things were simple and sustainable.

  1. Fresh foliage and bold greens

These two styles go hand in hand. In 2020, we saw many people adopt plant “babies” to take care of in quarantine. Some plants thrived through 2021, while others were not so lucky. Nevertheless, houseplants have become a style staple in homes and salons everywhere. The dark and light shades of green in the leaves can be perfectly complemented with rich, dark green accent walls or salon chairs. 

Faux plants can serve the same aesthetic purpose as real plants, and are an excellent option for the forgetful salon owner. However, real plants have fantastic health benefits, including air purification and mood boosting.

  1. Minimalist designs

Minimalism isn’t out of style yet, but it is going to look a little bit different next year. Rather than having a salon that looks empty or brand new, the new minimalism is all about intentional pieces of furniture and decor. 

You can have a cozy lounge area for clients or an instagram-worthy accent wall that fits into a minimalist design. Try to stick to a simple color pallet and natural materials, and avoid complex patterns.

  1. Natural textures

We are going to see a lot of natural textures in next year’s modern salon design. This includes raw, knotty wood, metals like silver, brass, copper, and iron, faux leather furniture, faux animal hide rugs, and color schemes that bring the beauty of nature indoors. 

Natural textures are a great way to make your salon feel light and breezy, but still comfortable and cozy. 

  1. Bold tile patterns

The natural, minimalist look isn’t for everyone. For those who are looking to make a statement with their decor, bold tile patterns are the perfect way to do it. There are many places you can add tile in a hair salon: flooring for the wash area, around the mirrors at each station, underneath each chair, around the front desk, or a whole accent wall!

The application of a bold tile pattern can be enough to make your salon look and feel brand-new.

  1. Retro 

Everyone loves a little dose of nostalgia! In 2022, we’re going to see the ‘60s, ‘70s, and ‘80s spring back to life in the form of burnt orange velvet furniture, shag rugs, and funky wall art. 

Anything with round edges and circular shapes can be found in retro-style salons and textures that look and feel “squishy.” This era reminds people of a time back when things were simple; when there was no social media or global pandemic to worry about. Just good music, good people, and good vibes. 

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