Medical Spa Furniture by DIR 

Quality medical spa furniture from DIR is equally important for a range of medical and cosmetological applications. We make sure each of our products meets the highest standards, such as our electric facial beds, electric esthetician bed, massage bed, tattoo chair, medical procedure chair, and medical treatment chair, to name just a few. 

Finding the right balance between aesthetics and functionality is the guiding principle behind each piece of salon and spa furniture we make. Whether you run a doctor’s office, a medical spa, or a beauty salon, your patients or clients will love the comfort and look of DIR’s medical spa beds and other premium items. Our products are designed to help you deliver a positive experience for everyone who visits your business. 

Luxury Medical Spa Beds, Chairs, and More

DIR understands the delicate nature of professional beauty and medical procedures, and have taken extra steps to ensure safety, comfort, and versatility in all of our medical spa furniture. Thick, water-resistant exteriors with memory foam cushioning, smooth remote-controlled reclining, all-electric adjustability, and massage bed capabilities are just some of the state-of-the-art features that come standard in a DIR medical spa bed, facial treatment table, and other industry-leading products.